.Air Hitam Laut Birds Paradise and Under Water Wildlife

Target Specification
You will be taken by our skilled water and sea team. Boating from Jambi to the Air Hitam Laut shall be the journey of history where some historical place like the grave of Orang Kayo Hitam, the Jambi Ancestors, and local village are on both side of the river. Typical river social society shall be attractive to you.. You will pass the river to the Malacca Strait to reach the traditional fisherman’s village of Air Hitam Laut
Inside the park area, you will enjoy the variety of bird life, from endemic to the migrant , and from the water bird to jungle one. Crocodile photo hunting at night time ( we challenge you to identify which of them are saltwater or the freshwater crocodile) will be the most attractive and challenging activities infilling your bird watching during the day time. Residing with local people , overnight stay, enjoy local flavored seafood and traditional music play are the souls of the beautiful northern coast of Sumatra we would like to offer for you.

Staying overnight at Malacca Junction, upstream of Air Hitam Dalam will also offer you some sense of adventure where you will listen the night harmony of the nocturnes.

Detail of Trip

.Day Number .Detail Specification
Day 1. Arrive and picked up at Jambi Airport, check in for hotel accommodation, visit Batik Village at the afternoon, overnight at the Hotel.
Day 2 River travel to JICA Sungai Rambut, landscape overview from the tower, using speed boat to Nipah Panjang,continue to Air Hitam Laut using Pompong boat. Stay overnight at the Explorer homebase at Air Hitam Laut.
Day 3 Trekking from Air Hitam Dalam to Cemara River explore endemic bird life, swamp wildlife local farming . This will be variation farm, marsh and along shoreline traverse. Overnight stay at Cemara River Village
Day 4 Start early at the dawn, head for the Cemara Beach, photo hunting and enjoy beach birds attraction. Have the music attraction during the afternoon, and night time canoeing to observe wildlife along cemara river , typical mangrove wildlife.
Day 5 Board into Explorer river boat, head straight to Air Hitam Laut. Starting by the afternoon to midnight , head upstream to Malacca Junction, enjoy the crocodile photo hunting trip, and observe night time river life. Stay overnight at Malacca Junction lodge.
Day 6 The day trip will be boating and canoeing through black water river and canals. Trekking across the jungle starting from the lodge is optional.
Back to Air Hitam Laut at the afternoon.
Day 7 Back to Jambi , and check in for hotel accommodation.
Day 8 Depart Jambi by second flight of the day

Minimum 2 person, maximum 8 person.
Trip will be 8 days and 7 night

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.Picture Gallery (click on thumbnails to enlarge)

Bird show

This squirrel loves the camera shot

King of Trench #1,
he will calmly pose for your camera, as always

Mocking bird

migrant birds

migrant brids

Resting time before tonight's big catch

Flying Heron

Gambus traditional player
which is one of the package attraction

Nikon is not a fish, isn't it?

Night trip, crocodile photo hunting

Freshwater crocodile caught on the spot
( up to 10 feet long)

Trekking through local farm

We think you look good in that yellow suit, pal..

Wild cat trapped on our flash light
during night canoe trip



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